Theme o' the month

June 2023 theme:

A new perspective

What's theme o' the month?

I started an informal group to plan and discuss monthly nature photography themes. My goal for this project was to force myself to try new things and have a fallback to concentrate on when I’m lacking motivation in the morning or having trouble deciding between two places I could try.

At the beginning of each month, I spin a wheel of suggested themes. The themes can range from a specific type of animal (e.g. raptors) to a behavior (e.g. conflict) to a photography technique (e.g. silhouette).  I aim to end up with mini-portfolio of 4-6 photos that fit the theme including both new photos and newly edited photos from the archives.

These photos are deliberately experimental and while sometimes they works great, my portfolio is a better representation of my favorite images.

Check #themeothemonth on instagram to view photos contributed by the whole group and message me on instagram if you have ideas for a theme or if you'd like to be part of the discussion!

Past themes

A new perspective (coming soon)