Long exposure with running water is the classic example that I wanted to capture. Had a lot of fun experimenting with this little section of creek and I’m happy with how it turned out for a first try (3 sec)

long exposure

(Oct 2022)

I was really looking forward to this theme because it’s something that I haven’t practiced much. It’s difficult to get the hang of - but some people do it to great effect!

Check #themeothemonth on instagram to view photos contributed by the whole group!

In contrast to the picture below, here the subjects are fully blurred as well. Not for everyone but it’s fun to try something abstract every once in a while (1/8 sec)

Kinglets are so jumpy that lowering your shutter speed just a bit causes a lot of blur. This one captured a bit of the energy common to the species (1/100 sec)

Slow shutter speeds while panning with a bird in flight can cause neat blur with the subject remaining somewhat sharp. It’s risky because there’s a chance nothing comes out well but gulls afforded me the opportunity to experiment without feeling bad (1/15 sec)