Castle defender

What better way to start than the bird synonymous with city wildlife - the pigeon! This one chose to nest in a hole that looked just like an arrow slit for a castle. It could barely turn around inside. Once it did reach the opening, though, the noble purple and green colors on its puffed out chest looked pretty cool.


(aug 2022)

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Killdeer high stepping down the rail right towards me

“What is that battleship doing in the Delaware river?” says the kingbird

I like the contrast between this and the killdeer photo. The killdeer is engaging, whimsical and punchy (good for Instagram posts) and I’m happy to sacrifice harsh light for that sometimes. I think today’s post has some elements that make it a cool photo even though I know i would scroll right by it in the app: The centermost mourning dove is the only one upright, as if it’s keeping watch so its pals can rest. The clouds bring great texture. The lines on the left side are “weighed down” by having more birds on that side. All to say I put more effort into composition than I normally do and it was a fun exercise!

Cardinals and snow go together so well!

String lightbulbs don’t fit in quite as well but the urban #themeothemonth is the perfect chance to slip this in. It’s also to the perfect chance to be grateful for warm toes, traction for car tires and low gas bills.