Silhouettes (Dec 2022)

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Dr. Strange đź’«

I saw this squirrel munching on a snack in great conditions for a black and white silhouette. I got a couple shots and then moved to take a vertical aspect ratio. Right as I pressed the shutter, the squirrel scampered off.

Sure felt like I missed everything but instead I happened to catch the split second it was casting down the shell of whatever it was eating. Or maybe it really was performing some sorcery. The claw is pretty neat and I also like the little nick in the ear and texture in the tail.

When I was visiting the west coast, there were a couple new-to-me hummingbird species around, but without access to feeders, I wasn’t so if I’d see any (let alone get a good image).

Fortunately, they were all over the place! I couldn’t get a pleasing portrait, but this Anna’s hummingbird was conveniently perched on a powerline in the middle of a street. It was the middle of the day so I underexposed as much as I could with the sun in the background and prayed. I have a couple silhouettes like this in full sun and I like the deep blues that come through alongside the silhouette that has a tiny hint of color.